Who We Are

We are R R Enterprises and we are the manufacturer of Disppsable Face Mask,  PPE suit etc.

Our Mission

Our aim is simple, to protect you and provide you with the products you need to get the job done.

With the latest technical innovation and professional protection products in stock Totel safeguards and delivers products in a simple and easy way that gives choice and support to all of our customers.We provide products that are proven to save lives and prevent injury.

We exist to deliver products that help support major developments, daily operations, retail and distribution and one-off projects. We are here to offer you options and choice when selecting products and we are able to provide recommendations for products to suit your industry.

We have traveled far down the road of business but we have light years to travel. Our mission is to expand our range and our reach to become a name to reckon with in every corner of the world. We aim to deliver products at a better price to users across the world and thus achieve success

Our  Vision 

 We trade in commodities and our vision is to become one of the biggest commodity channels in the world, encompassing maximum number of commodities, facilitate global trade and bridge the demand supply gap through superior services. We see a world where producers do not suffer loss due to glut and buyers do not have to pay through their noses due to shortages.